fathers and dads


Everyone has a father. But only some of us get a dad.

We don’t all get someone willing to make giant snow piles or construct forts from hay bales. Or gladly attend music recitals and school plays and give great big congratulatory hugs–no matter how amateur or sleep inducing.

Or throw pop flies and softball pitches after working a long day in the field. Or bore strangers with the educational resumes and geographic locations of his children. And slip $20 bucks in your pocket whether you needed it or not.

My dad taught me how to work in the field, play poker and drive safely thru an icy snowstorm. He also showed me how to find baby kittens in the barn, work harder than I thought possible and give people the benefit of the doubt.

He would sing You Are My Sunshine and some weird song with the name “Amy” in it. He liked making us laugh. He shared the good things others said about us so we would know our value.

But he certainly wasn’t perfect. My dad was a Conservative Republican. And I’d give anything for one more good discussion where we’re not fighting but “speaking distinctly.” I can love a Republican. Yet one more thing I learned from my dad.

Corrections and Omissions

MomDad_wedding2What wasn’t mentioned but should be was his love for root beer floats, lefse and chocolate malts. How he also loved a good western, Patsy Cline, Johnny Cash and a hamburger/onion Pizza King pizza. How he also could be found cheering for the Twins and Vikings.

What wasn’t mentioned but should be was how hard he worked and did everything for us. His late hours driving truck or working long into the night then up again at dawn. Remembering him rushing into the house from the field, bounding up the stairs–two at a time–so he could take a quick shower and be on time for a piano recital.

But most importantly it should be talked about that he loved my mom. More than anything, he loved my mom. Picked me up one night after school to help look for an opal necklace for her and wanted some help getting just the right thing. Would have done anything for her. Won her over many times.

But it should be mentioned. All these things should be mentioned and not forgotten.

Steamy Kitty in Hollywood

LA_StageThis is my article for the production of HOT CAT that made a big splash at the Hollywood Fringe this year. I interviewed four of the actors as we sat in a circle on their stage. Just being in the playing space piqued my curiosity, knowing what Theatre Movement Bazaar likes to do with text.



Entering the Home Stretch

TigerHighways2013_v2Things are moving very fast now. Design elements are finalized and a lot of the busiest work has begun. There’s a lot to do, but then only so much we can do. We don’t get into the space until June 17th. Everything now is about planning. But our ticket sales took a jump in two days. So ready or not, there will be an audience. And there will be a show…

Tickets and the show listing on HIGHWAYS website

When we ladies write…

LA_StageThis was a fun interview with a fellow female playwright about the process of developing her new play ANATOMY OF GAZELLAS. In a complete coincidence, I knew two of the actresses in the cast of seven women. (Elia Saldana and Cristina Frias.) I read it in the press release as I prepped for the interview. Small world, LA theater.

It’s always interesting to me where other writers pull ideas.



Tiger grows another inch today…

FET_SamWorkoutToday is our run through for designers. We’re working  in the performance space. There’s so much to do just to prepare for the run-through and I’ve been busy. Not sleeping much. I did an update on my website this week about Tiger and it got me thinking more about the evolution of the show.

Sam, Gaby and I have been working together on this thing off and on for almost three years now. We started in the Fall of 2010. People have described the play as “deeply personal” and I think that’s why. All three of us have had our head in this game for a very long time. We go off and do other projects, then come back to this with new knowledge and deeper perspective.

We’ve expanded our team with designers and, of course, Vincent. The next month will be a blur. But I still completely love the rehearsal process. I went to Home Depot at 11:30pm last night to get the right kind of rope for a rehearsal prop today. Seriously, who gets to do stuff like that but theater people?

FleshEatingTiger at Highways Performance Space

Politics, Plays and Elephants…oh my!

LA_StageDirector in LA. Playwright in Chicago. Yeah, this was one of those. But both were very nice and very funny. Which I guess is a good sign since the play is a comedy. But that fun kind of Colbert-comedy that takes a few jabs at our American-ishness.

Haven’t seen this one yet but I hear it’s getting rave reviews.


LA STAGE Times article on The North Plan at The Elephant

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